Our very first stop was Cambridge and I left completely smitten. Seriously, why didn't I go to Harvard?? The town was perfection. Cobblestone sidewalks, beautiful, old brick building everywhere you look. Beautiful colonial homes. The architecture of the town really won me over. Plus tons of cute little shops right off of campus.

We were only there for the evening, so we ate dinner at a really fun and happening place in Cambridge called Mr. Bartley's. We waited in line next to a group of college freshman and it really made me miss college! I'm already one of those people saying "those were the days!" and they were. The place has been around for a while, and we were lucky enough to sit where Al Pacino once sat. Anyways, if you're in the area, I recommend checking it out. Good burgers, I ordered the "Mark Zuckerberg" Burger. 

We hit up Boston the next day. We really just did the Freedom Trail and called it a day. I wish we had a little more time to explore the city, but it was enjoyable! Also, my calves were sore for about 6 straight days after hiking up and down bunker hill memorial.

The Old State House
See that balcony above? That's the first place the Declaration of Independence was read out loud. Also, in 1976 Queen Elizabeth II stood on that balcony while someone else read the declaration and she addressed the Bostonians. Also, did you know we paid England back for the tea that was dumped in the Boston Harbor? But instead of cashing it they framed it and it's in a museum somewhere over there. Also the Boston Massacre happened right in front of this building! And there is your history lesson for the day.

Loved these old graveyards
The State House 

Loved the fall colors!

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