NY Part II

Here are the rest of the pictures from New York!
We took a tour around the UN; it was enjoyable and informative. 

I also was lucky to be in NYC during Joy Cho's book signing and felt I should go bc things like that never happen in Milton, FL. Duke was tired from walking, so he sat in Anthropolgie reading the encyclopedias from the 70's that happened to be on their coffee table, while I ran over (for reals). I could only stay for about 30 mins bc we tickets for Phantom that night, but it was so cute and fun. I was also pretty ecstatic to meet my most favorite blogger, Naomi from Rockstar Diaries, and her family. I was nervous and talked way too much, bc unfortunately that is how my nervousness manifests itself. When I told duke things I said, he replied, "you said that out loud?" and grimaced. Yeah, I did. whoops. But they were very friendly nonetheless! 
Duke reading encyclopedias. He's a good trooper while I shop.

Anyways, ended the night with Phantom of the Opera. Incredible. Blew my freaking mind. After one day of only listening to the soundtrack and endless singing, Duke asked, "can I expect this for the next week?" Yes. Yes, you can.

Did the Brooklyn Bridge thing. It was beautiful.
love this picture with the lady liberty
9/11 memorial. PS, um get tickets BEFORE you go. We had no idea, but luckily we skipped that line. But it is line-city to get to this memorial! Be prepared.

Visited the MoMa and I reallly really enjoyed it. It's so fun to see the real paintings that I've learned about in books!
I was trying out the awkward pose here. Looks like I nailed it.
Monet, I love you. (and duke too)
I was super excited to see this painting. It's one of my most favorite!!! Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali

Last but not least, we went to the top of the rock. We were lucky to be up there at sunset. The views were absolutely stunning.

New York, I love you. Be back soon. xoxo


The Empire State

NEW YORK!! wooooo! I have a list of my top 3 places to visit in the US and NYC was one of them. So I was super excited for NYC. I have been once before, but I was in 9th grade and we were there for about a day and half of it was spent hiking up the statue of liberty. So this was long overdue. Needless to say, I loved it.

View from the rooftop of the Met

Shake Shack yum
Central Park

Lincoln Center
We arrived midday and visited the Met, walked through Central Park and last minute decided to see the Philharmonic Orchestra playing at the Lincoln Center. It was lovely.