Segwaying Dork Alert

As the title of this post suggests, duke and I went off-road segwaying! And we looked like major dorks doing it, but it was fun. and free. We checked them out from base and then went around. I went over a weird bump and mine fell over and I got a gnarly bruise, but still fun! We felt a little like Gob Bluth and we took a lot of pictures. (well duke did)

after the fall


Happy Birthday Winston

September 8 was Winston's first birthday. Since I love him so much, I made him a doggy cupcake and bought a birthday hat and we sang to him. He doesn't look too thrilled about it, but i'm pretty sure he was just playing it cool. He loved it. We also took him to the dog beach in Pensacola. He loves the water!

I never knew a little animal could make me so happy, but he does. I have a soft spot in my heart for dogs that wasn't there a year ago. And I'm grateful! Thank you Winston.

Also, our friends showed us this cool feature on our camera called "movie digest", it records about 3 seconds before you take each photo and compiles them into one video at the end of the day. So the video below is the movie digest from the day. (I take a lot of pictures of winston).

If you'd like to reminisce, here are a couple video from Winston was a wee puppy. He use to be so little!! It kills me!


The Everglades

We also went to Everglades National Park on our trip and I thought it was REALLY cool. We didn't have high expectations, but even before entering the park we saw an alligator swimming along in a pond. The first night we went on a little trail and saw about 20 alligators. It was so awesome bc you just walk right beside them. There's no fences or anything of the sort. It's a little scary since it's we're programmed to be scared of them, but I suppose if you leave them alone, they will do the same. Almost all the alligators we saw were on this trail. Since it is the wet season, they spread out more and you don't see as many throughout the park. We were also told since they have a fear of man they pretty much hide from us, but the ones on this trail I guess are use to us. I was so amazed by every single one I saw that I couldn't stop taking pictures and so I just put them all up. I apologize for alligator overload. 

We also camped out one night at the very most southern point called Flamingo. We drove in late and only found 1 other camper and no one at the pay booth. We thought this was a little strange since we were expecting it to be packed. Once we actually got out of the car we realized why no one was there--mosquitos!!!!! They were insane! We put our tents up as fast as possible and didn't go out until the morning and left asap. Apparently Flamingo is where the US Gov goes to test mosquito repellant bc they are so intense there. I have no idea how many bites I got, but they were everywhere. The next day we were talking to a ranger and she's like "I'm surprised your still here!" bc apparently camping at this time of year is that bad of an idea. 

baby gator
this guy was a serious creeper. like a foot from the trail hiding all sneaky-like

being brave

This guy hissed at us. It was not a pretty sound

the camp site

We also did some canoeing-didn't see any alligators, but did see a manatee!

out in the Florida Bay-salt water area

dead gator! prob hit by a car. poor guy.

tried some gator. it was ok,  kinda chewy. don't really desire to eat it again.

We decided to drive out to Key West...but it was a 3 hour drive TO key west. so we drove about half way down the keys. It was really pretty!

Stopping at the lower matecumbe key

We kept seeing Key Lime Pie signs and realized, hello, we're in the keys! we must eat key lime pie! So we did. It was good.

Stopped at Cape Canaveral on way home. Then we found out it was $50/person to get into the Kennedy Space Center. Hope they're flying us to the moon for that price. So we just took a picture and left.
It was a fun trip! I would love to go back in the Winter. Thats when the mosquitos aren't as bad, and it's the dry season when the alligators are more concentrated and hopefully not as hot!