St. Augustine

With Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaac rolling in earlier this week, Duke was given the go-ahead to evacuate if we so pleased last Sunday. We decided to take the free time off to head over to Jacksonville and visit our friends that recently moved there. We had a great time with them and jetted over to St. Augustine on Tuesday for a fun little afternoon. We brought Winston with us there, which turned out to be a big mistake. He lasted all of about 10 minutes before he was about to die from the heat. So we ended up boarding him for a few hours so we could enjoy the city.

We didn't spend that long there, but we toured the old fort that was built way back in 1672. I loved the old cannons they had on display, they were so ornate. It seems that art was incorporated into so much more back then. Also, for your history lesson, St. Augustine is the oldest, continually occupied European-establishment in the US, founded in 1565. It was a fun little place to visit. Really touristy with a bunch of little shops and what not, but very pretty and fun to visit!

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  1. what a beautiful location. you must have had a great time. i cant imagine what it must look like at sunsets or sunrises. its been forever since i visited a seaside and this places seems to be it