Sailing in Pensacola

Last weekend we had some friends come stay with us for a short visit. Tyler was Duke's college BFF and they were on their way to Jacksonville, FL to move (of course right before WE move!). We had fun with them and Duke acted like a teenager with his bff around. We took them sailing down in Pensacola. I really love sailing and wish we took advantage of it more! Once we retire we have a dream of sailing somewhere. Not around the world, bc honestly, being at sea that long?? But we've thought maybe around the Americas-then you can stop at shore and what not. 

Usually we just sail around and come back in. This time we sailed over a a restaurant where we could dock and eat a bite. It was a fun little afternoon and we were lucky it was sunny the whole time! The place we ate at offered an "Endagered Basket"...really?? It doesn't even sound good? We decided the price was probably so high, so they could pay whatever fines they have to pay for serving endangered foods.

It was a fun weekend and I'm glad they came! The day they left, we had my college BFF and husband come into town. I don't have any pics sadly bc they left for Destin Monday morning, but I'll be seeing them again this Saturday. I love when friends come visit!!!


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun! :) Loved all the pics. I'm your newest GFC follower! <3
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  2. looks like a blast! I have always wanted to go to pensacola, my dad has a house out there he rents out!

  3. @alycia pensacola area does have BEAUTIFUL beaches! Worth a visit at least once :)