Anniversary Celebration

Our anniversary is actually tomorrow, but we decided to take the weekend to celebrate! We went down to the Redneck Riveria aka Destin, FL. I love Destin. We've vacationed in this area my whole life so it's a little sentimental place too. I'm always overwhelmed by the beauty of Destin every time I go. It's so beautiful!! If you haven't been, you NEED to go!!! 

My recommendations are to check out the gator farm at Fudpuckers and to invest in some cheap floaties. My food recommendations are Vinij Wine Bistro, Cuvee Bistro and Donut Hole Cafe. I don't know how it was my first time to go to Donut Hole-but I thought their donuts were bomb. (We love food if you can't tell)

It was a great weekend. I love celebrating love!!  

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