Friends and Family

I've been really lucky living here in Florida to (so far) have 2 of my best friends and their families vacation in the area, which means I got to go see them and enjoy the beach. My friends Jenna's family was down here in May in Gulf Shores and Stacy's fam is here right now in Gulf Shores. I went down yesterday and left this afternoon bc my mom came into town for the week (more on that later). 

Stacy has been my friend for SOOOO long. Almost 11 years. She moved to Bentonville the beginning of 9th grade when we were both young 14 year olds. She hated the place but she went to my church and we had classes together and by the next year we were BFF's. And we've been BFF's ever since. It was SOO fun seeing her and reminiscing and cracking up. She is probably the most hilarious person I know. Anyways, here's the 2 pictures I took of us.

I had to post that last pic, bc it cracks me up every time! It was obviously very sunny and I couldn't even see my phone. But we had to take one without sunglasses! Ha.

Anyways, it was so good to see her. My mom came into town today as well to do a family history trip! I guess we have ancestors that are from the Birmingham, AL area and Jacksonville, FL area, so I'll be going around with her this week trying to find dead people. Well, records of them. Should be fun though, I'm actually excited to learn more about my ancestors. Makes me appreciate them more and to feel an actual connection. 

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