Duke Turns 30

Saturday was Duke's 30th birthday. We began celebrations on Friday by going out to eat at our favorite restaurant in Pensacola-The Global Grill. Everything was delicious, minus my pick for dessert. Note to self-no matter how good ice cream & berries sounds...do not get it! Especially when chocolate cake is also on the menu.

I told him to pretend we found out winston was a puppy again. Apparently that thought doesn't make him as excited as it does me...)

Saturday morning I made him his favorite blueberry pancakes (with freshly picked blueberries!). If you like pancakes, you should probably click that link, bc these pancakes are the bomb.com). And he opened a couple gifts I got him. We also headed to Pensacola's Farmer's Market and went and got our workout on. 

Coffee book picture books of America-just what he wanted! (he looks a little creepy here if you look too long)

Birthday boy & birthday pancakes

That night we celebrated his birthday with some friends.

I tried to make it a really special birthday for him. That night he told me it was the best birthday he's ever had because someone cared about it more than he did. Melted my heart.

 I love you Duke! Happy 30th.


  1. Love the "Winston's a puppy again" pic, made me laugh. Ha. And truth be told, I teared up a little there at the end... I blame baby hormones :) glad you made your hubby's birthday so fantastic. Happy birthday Duke!

  2. Ditto to the "Winston's a puppy again" pic. I can't stop laughing.

    Happy birthday Duke!!