We just got back a few days ago from a 2 week long road trip. Looked a little something like this:

Milton>Birmingham>Bentonville>Denver>SLC>Provo>Moab..and back the same way.

We stayed a day in Bentonville with my fam, 1/2 day in Denver with Duke's uncle, SLC with Duke's sister, Provo for 2 days with my sister, Moab for 5 days..camping. It was a nice break from work, but very nice to be back home again. Here's some pictures from the trip.

Stayed the first night at Oak Mountain State Park in Birmingham

Winston in Arkansas...where is spoiled with treats and attention
Mom made us pina coladas and we played some games outside that night
Winston had to go sniff this guy out. It was hilarious. He was also scared of him.
Took Duke to Crystal Bridges Museum. Nice to visit again.

Stopped in Memphis for lunch at Tom's BBQ (really good by the way if you are in the area!) Winston was bummed he couldn't go in.

Lots of Driving. 

First stop in Utah. Naturally.

Y mountain. Memories!
Sometimes Winston enjoys wearing shoes.

Love this tree. Wanted to have my wedding dinner around it originally. 


Hit up JDawgs and spoon it up

Driving into Moab...Duke was clearly excited.

Mountain Biking to Flat Iron Mesa...

The rest of the pictures are from Arches Nat'l Park & a few from Canyonlands. A couple of the days were a little miserable with 50 mph winds and all that red dust. EVERYTHING i owned was covered in dirt. The part in my hair was red from all the dirt. The windiest day we took the fly off our tent and came back to see the inside of the tent covered in like 1/4" dirt. Not really what you want to see when you want to take a nap. But I survived 4 nights of camping, 5 if you include the stop in Birmingham.

One day when the wind was bad, I was walking to the bathroom and passed the fanciest looking RV i've ever seen. I felt like a little pesant girl walking past a castle, just imaging what beauties must be inside of that thing. Camping is fun for like a day, maybe 2, but next time I visit Moab, I will be in a hotel thank you very much!

Delicate Arch at sunset.

One of my favorite pics from the trip

cool desert lizard
The next two pictures were the hike from Landscape Arch to Double O Arch. We somehow got off the right path and ending up having to hike up a steep sandy mountain, just across a small cavern thing, and climb out of the crevass in the 2nd picture. It was an adventure.

Wasn't part of the plan. But it was beautiful!

Double Arch, Duke and I's fav that we saw.

The tiniest Cairin you ever did see!

canyonlands- Mesa Arch

Hike to Whale Rock-Canyonlands.

View from Mesa Arch
Took a fall trying to be adventurous. That's what I get.


This is DUKE's ticket by the way. Sucker.

One of his many interesting sleeping positions

Winston stared in this mirror for about 10 minutes trying to figure it out.


  1. looks like fun. Denver... u were so close!!!! Let me know when ur here next time! We need to catch up again. when do you work?

  2. That picture of Winston in the swing is hilarious! Wish we could have spent more time with you guys! Just means you'll have to come back soon!