June Brain Dump

I don't have any fun pictures to post today, but I just felt like writing some things down about life lately.   In no particular order here are some thoughts/happenings as of late:

1. A few weeks ago at work, I brought someone into my office to interview them, and I said, "My name is Brittany......actually it's Mickelle...I don't know why I said that." It was a really really strange experience to say the least. I debated correcting myself and decided I had to...but I'm pretty sure the guy was freaked out. I was a little freaked out too.

2. I've been looking at puppy pictures/video way too much lately. It's a borderline obsession. I just wish they could stay cute and small forever...but alas...

3.  Duke has finally admitted that Winston likes me the best in the family. And it's obviously true. He follows me EVERYWHERE and pretty much only wants to play with me and he could care less about Duke when I'm around. It's kinda adorable, kinda annoying. Bc sometimes I want to be left alone and he'll sit there and bat at me with his paw or whine bc he wants to play. And Duke gets to just sit there and do whatever, bc Winston doesn't even care about him. But i love him and am not-so-secretly happy that i'm his favorite.

4. I only have 2.5 weeks of work left and I couldn't be more thrilled. Well, I'm kinda bummed because I have made some good friends there and it's fun to see them everyday and talk. But I beyond thrilled bc I'm only going to be working part time from HOME!!!! For spingo--the company my sister also works for. It's pretty much a dream come true. I have dreams of a clean house, meals cooked, and a gym that is actually visited frequently.

5. Duke started helicopter school. I forgot what it's like for him to be studying all the time. Kinda a bummer for me, bc I need a lot of attention.

6. I'm kiiiinda baby hungry. It's really weird. I don't know who I am anymore!! Up until a few years ago, I didn't even really care for kids. They just didn't do anything for me. Then I started finding them completely adorable. And now I want my own! But I'm also incredibly frightened at the same time. It is SUCH a huge decision! How do people just decide to have a kid?!! You can't really return it. Anyways, its still a few months off at least. But I want one. haha.


  1. Yay for part time work! You need to call me so we can chat! And a baby... will be beautiful! Seriously can't wait to see your kids but I guess I will have to. :)

  2. don't have a baby. they are so much work.

    haha i'm kind of kidding.

    but you should wait like at least another year. because when you think about it you won't be alone again with duke for like 30 years and then you're going to be old and have gross skin.

    mickelle, these are the things that matter in life. trust me, i would know. (obviously since i'm married and have kids and all)

    I think you share too much information with the world on your blog.