I love winston. I honestly didn't know I could love an animal so much. But he does the funniest/cutest things that just crack me up. Plus he's super adorable. I think he's the cutest in the morning when he wakes up in the morning squinting and stretching. Love that little rascal. Here's some pictures of him recently.

Waking up in the morning

Went to the doggy beach on Saturday. He got to play with some fellow bulldoggies.

He also got to try out a life vest and he was swimming all over the place!! I was so proud.
I can swim!!!!!!

Thats my little baby swimming out there. So cute.

Trying to figure out this "surfing"thing. It was hilarious.

He pretty much slept the whole way home!

On our walk today

I love him so much!!!


Weekend in Atlanta

2 weekends ago Duke and I finally travelled up to Atlanta. It was fun, of course. So here's some pictures from the trip!

Welcome to Atlanta! I love the green of the south

Went to the temple up there. It's really pretty inside!

Chilling in Centennial Park

this girl was cracking us up. She was doing all kinds of poses. 

Visited the World of Coca-Cola, of course. Duke thought the beginning film was creepy. 

Stone Mountain--big granite mountain thing with a relief of a few of the civil war leaders.

Ate at Flip Burger Boutique with my friend Kate! Duke claims his burger was the best burger he's ever had. And he is really serious about his burgers. Mine was pretty great too I must say.

I thought one of the highlights was the symphony we attended on Saturday. Seriously so great. Something we def need to do more of!!!

This guy was AMAZING on the piano.

frozen yogurt fix

And some pictures of duke and I "furminating" Winston. Sorry this is the lamest blog post ever! I have no time to blog these days. No time!! But Duke and I are taking a 2 week vacation in a week and I'm pretty stoked about not working for 2 weeks. More about that later!