I love the weekends soo soo much!!! Now that i'm working that is. I truly appreciate the beauty of sleeping in and relaxing. It is beautiful. Here's some pics from the weekend...

Friday night we went to a fancy tapas place that was probably the best place we've eaten at down here. The Global Grill. Highly recommend!!

My hot date

The next morning we went to a great cafe in Pensacola-Maximilian. Also recommend.

breakfast taquitos

Winston woke up that morning with the puffiest, saddest looking, goopy eye I'd ever seen. We took him to the vet and he had a scratched cornea and conjunctivitis. Broke my heart. But he was a trooper and hi eye's already looking better.

blurry, but you can kinda tell his right eye is jacked
My little cuddle monster

 Then we went shooting.

apparently this is the stance he learned at TBS. 

practically a pro.

My target vs Dukes'
Taking sickie for a walk at the park instead of dog beach :(

And that was our weekend! woo

Also, duke only has 5 flights left in primary!! Once he's done we'll find out what aircraft he is gonna end up flying. Very exciting.

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