Destin was soooooooo wonderful!! Love relaxing on the beach and not working. There's nothing better. Since pictures are obviously more fun to look at than words, I'll spare you and just post some pics.


My favorite pic of the trip. Taken by my mom!

Someone was fishing off shore and pulled up this shark-i think they figured out it was a black tip shark. It was pretty cool.

saw these little shrimpy's that washed up. 

Portugese Man of War jelly fish on shore. Saw a few of these washed up.

game night with some arkansas friends

It was a great trip and fun to see my family. I missed Duke was only able to come down on wednesday, but i'm glad he came down at least for one day! 


  1. pretty pics! loved the pic your mom took!

  2. so, so painfully beautiful!

    Portugese Man of War jelly fish?? HOLY HIDEOUS! lol

    those sister pictures ..priceless. you two crack me up. B)

    miss ya!