4 year olds and Sunday School

Duke and I teach the 4 year olds sunday school at church. Today it was just me because Duke had a cross country flight this weekend and was gone. They are a crazzy handful sometimes, but they are also super cute. One of them is moving in a week and so today was her last sunday and she gave us a card that she made (with her mom), it was the cutest thing!

isn't it the cutest thing?? I love that she spelt Duke-D-O-O-C.
Here's some pics of the rest of them that I took today. The girl who drew the pics is the one in the blue dress.

Other cute things that I love about my class- today I asked "how do you choose the right?" And one boy said "I eat pizza!!!!!" I told him that was very right.

Also, their favorite thing now is "robot time". We ran out of lesson one day, and duke had everyone act like robots, and now we do it every sunday and it has been dubbed "robort time".  Real spiritual, huh? haha, it's the cutest things though.

In other exciting news I finally got a new computer! And not just any computer, but the one i've been waiting for forever!! Sold my wedding dress to get this baby. And I'm in love!!

bad picture, good computer

I leave you with this...


  1. haha awesome post, cute kids and cool computer!

  2. omg!!! she gave DOOC hairs!! hahaha more hairs than you!! and robot time? uh genius!

    "One does not simply walk into Mordor." epic quote. :D loved that.