February Update

I've had a request to update my life via blog. Not a ton has happened in the last 26 days, but here's some pictures and snippets.

Feb 14 was obviously Valentines day, and was the first one Duke and I celebrated on the actual day. 3rd Valentines since we've been together, but the first one married and it did not disappoint. I think valentines is such a cute holiday. It can definitely be lame when you are in high school and don't have a valentine and everyone else is showered in flowers and chocolates, but I love the hearts and decor and the fact that you can make someones day a little brighter with a card even if it's just a friend. Plus, who says no to the excuse for flowers and chocolates?? Not I. Anyways, I told Duke just to get me flowers, but I was pleasantly surprised with the thought he put into showing me he cares. I worked all day and he was gone till 8 that night, so we didn't go out or anything. But it did give me time to make him his favorite dessert (apple pie) which also ended up being our dinner. (it was dinner or apple pie, and i didn't have time for both! i think i made the right choice). Anyways it was all very nice and oddly enough the balloon he gave me on that day is still floating around the house. Must have some serious helium in there.

Chocolate covered strawberries in honor of Valentines Day! yum
Back in January we went camping with some friends and we brought Winston and they brought there dog (Jimmer) and they had a blast together.

I love my cuddly little baby

Trying to unscare our dogs of the water. Winston actually "swam" for a few seconds. Sucess!

our little family!

The Coats

This picture cracks me up everytime. hahaha Jimmer and Winston playing/being crazy and scary!

The rest are some random photos of late.

finally learned how to do the fishtail braid. yay!

Winston LOVESSSS being in the car. and sleeping. 2 of his favorite things.

Date night at barnes and noble..aka when i get to read magazines without buying them.

Bath time for winston! can you tell he loves it?

Bowling night with some friends (i lost)

I actually managed to somehow lose grip of the ball when my arm swung back. It was scary and could have been deadly if a small child had been behind me.

Duke's high score of 180
Twins! Duke would be completely embarrassed if he knew this picture was up here but i think its funny. and no we didn't go anywhere dressed like this, don't worry.



The latest news is that I got a job! Which is great because I can now check off one of my new years resolutions! Today was my second day and so far I'm enjoying it! It's at a place called Landrum Staffing, an employment resources place. I help out with the contract we have with GE. It's a lot easier than my previous job, but still busy. And it's full time, so it's back to the grind!

In other news, Winston has officially graduated puppy school!!! I'm so proud of him. There are definitely still areas of improvement, but he's learned a lot. We've already enrolled him in Intermediate classes..he's gonna be the best-trained puppy around! (hopefully)

paws in the air..woot!

Also Jcrew spring stuff is out and i'm extremely excited!!! (even though my clothing budget can barely buy me 1 item)

PS I also redesigned my blog header using my novice Illustrator skills I've learned from Nicole's Classes and I"m somewhat proud of myself!

Weekend in Tampa

Over MLK day Duke and I decided to drive down to Tampa and check out Busch Gardens, since military can get in for FREE once a year. So we did just that. Busch Gardens was neat. I liked all the animals and it was kinda cold, so the lines were nonexistent! 

We also ventured out to check out Clearwater...

I love palm trees

AND we drove up to Orlando to see my long lost friend Anne and her precious little family!! We worked together in Utah for a while and I babysat beckett when he was just a little baby! They were visting Orlando for the week so timing worked out perfectly. SOOO good to see you Anne!!!!
The kiddos and me

Anne & I