Utah Christmas Vacation

Christmas Vacation was great. We spent most of the time in Logan, UT with Duke's family. I also got to see Brittany and Jules for a few hours before they left to Indiana for their Christmas celebration. Then I got to see my friends Whitney and Scott and their pup Milo who were the best hosts ever!!! Here's some of the things I did:
Ate at Cafe Rio 3 times, of course
Attended my first deaf church service
Did 25 push-ups in our annual (as of now) Christmas push-up contest 
Played a bunch games!
Shot guns for the first time!
Delicious turkey dinner
Logan Temple
Watched Harry Potter 7 part 1 & 2
Went on a small hike (pictured below)

It was sooo fun!! Here's a million pictures! ps. Utah is so cold and I'm glad I don't live there in the winter anymore. So very happy. But I love the summers!

Duke's Grandparents opened this Nature Center!

Making Gingerbread houses with the fam!

The saddest house you ever did see

I know it looks like the gun is pointed at Duke, but it is behind him. Duke is a psycho about gun safety. He doesn't trust "civilians' with guns.

Helping me with the apple pie. Such a sweetie.
Flying home


  1. Next time you come out we're being better hosts and doing something more than simply sitting in our kitchen and talking. Can't wait until summer! PS your red pants+snow boots+scarf and hat is adorable. Miss you!

  2. Duke's comment about not trusting "civilians" with guns made me laugh, reminds me of my brothers. Utah looked like a blast! Our paths better run together sometime soon!

  3. Yeah, the picture of you with the gun makes me a little nervous :)