The latest news is that I got a job! Which is great because I can now check off one of my new years resolutions! Today was my second day and so far I'm enjoying it! It's at a place called Landrum Staffing, an employment resources place. I help out with the contract we have with GE. It's a lot easier than my previous job, but still busy. And it's full time, so it's back to the grind!

In other news, Winston has officially graduated puppy school!!! I'm so proud of him. There are definitely still areas of improvement, but he's learned a lot. We've already enrolled him in Intermediate classes..he's gonna be the best-trained puppy around! (hopefully)

paws in the air..woot!

Also Jcrew spring stuff is out and i'm extremely excited!!! (even though my clothing budget can barely buy me 1 item)

PS I also redesigned my blog header using my novice Illustrator skills I've learned from Nicole's Classes and I"m somewhat proud of myself!


  1. Love the blog header! I may have to hire you. Congrats on the new job! Don't you feel so bad leaving puppy home all day long? PS Thanks for the bday card! I got it awhile ago but forgot to say something about it.

  2. i am so impressed with your illustrator skills! very nice. and winston is sooo adorable. i just want to kiss his face and i don't even like dogs!

  3. Whit- I feel SOOO bad! I feel like I'm neglecting him. But luckily duke always goes home for lunch, and is often only gone a few hours of the day- so that makes me feel better.
    And thanks for the compliments! I still need a lot more practice