Chicken Tikka Masala

I made this is a recipe a couple weeks ago and we LOVED it. While we were in Utah over Christmas we went to the Bombay House-(really good Indian food) and I had been craving it ever since. So I found this recipe and Duke and I both agree it's pretty spot on to Bombay's recipe! Also, it's not one of those daunting recipes with a million plus ingredients. Anyways thought I would share in case anyone else is interested in eating delicious food. Here is the link to the recipe: Chicken Tikka Masala
Also the website I got the Cafe Rio copycat recipe from. This lady knows how to copy a recipe.


  1. Mickelle! You have a blog! I discovered this by seeing that you posted a comment to Jenna V's blog (one that I frequently blogstalk... don't know her personally). Anyway, hello! Hope you are doing well and that married life is happy and fabulous.

  2. I do! i enjoy blog stalking her blog as well. It's a good one. Well glad you stopped by! married life is wonderful. Do you have a blog? Ps. your little boy really is absolutely adorable!Hope your family is doing well!

  3. Yes- my blog is christanka.blogspot.com. I took your recommendation about the chicken tikka masala and made it last night- delish!