Arkansas Trip

The day after Christmas/that we got home, I turned back around and headed for Arkansas- just Winston and I. Winston is an expert traveler. He made himself right at home and didn't complain once! It was reallly fun to see my family and friends. All my family was there except Britt and Jules. And Winston was spoiled with lots of attention from the family, but was shunned/attacked by the cat. 

I also got to go check out the new Crystal Bridges Museum just finished in Bentonville. Let me tell you, it's all the rage there, and I have to say it's pretty cool! Especially for little old Bentonville. It was a project founded by Alice Walton; she poured millions of her own dollars into it and so did the Walton Foundation as well. Plus Walmart donated I believe it was $20 million dollars so that the museum is free of charge to all who visit for the foreseeable future. I think its so great that they chose to do something so great with their money that benefits others instead of just themselves! (I think Walmart's great if you couldn't tell)

Some of Winston's interesting sleeping positions in the car

Here's a video that is somewhat painful to watch of my unsocialized cat meeting Winston for the first time. We were excited to see how the cat would react and so my Brittany requested that we film it so she could see. Anyways, needless to say, we kept them separated the rest of the time...

my little baby

We had some fun with this contraption my dad got for his back. Never a dull moment.

I took full advantage of all the awesome trails all over Bentonville and took Winston for a bunch of walks everyday.

Lots of games

Winston exploring the dog park

Crystal Bridges Museum

This was a really cool piece made entirely of spools of thread
Spools of thread

The detail on this was incredible

Celebrated Jeff's 25th birthday

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