Hello Birth Control!

So at my church we have something called Activity Days. It's for the girls aged 8-12 and we meet 2 wednesdays a month and have a little activity. I just became in charge and we only have 4 girls. 3 of them are sisters and they are ADHD and CRAZY. Like insane. Tonight was the first activity I was in charge of, so I thought I'd have them come over to my house and we would decorate Christmas cookies. You know, a fun, festive activity. Turns out it was like babysitting rabid monkeys or something. My poor dog was victim to these monkey's, and I think he is scarred for life. Anyways, there are no social filters on these girls. Here are just a few things said to me tonight:

You have a lot of peach fuzz.

Do you and your husband sleep together?

Girl: Do you have any more icing?
Me: No
Girl:Then can't you go to the store and get more?
Me: um, no

Then in succession-
Can I get on your computer?, Can I play video games?, Can I play with your dog? Can I have more milk? Can we watch a movie? 

I guess it will make for some good stories. Needless to say, I'm never having an activity at my house again! freaking kids. 


  1. I totally agree! If you are worried about having kids that are going to be annoying or plagued with some other kind of imperfection or abnormality you should definitely be using birth control. :)

  2. yeah yeah, i know its inevitable. Kids are kids. These ones were the rowdiest i've ever had to deal with. Had to vent.

  3. also you always love your own kids more!

  4. haha that seriously made me laugh so hard. Kids are cuh-razy i tell you. and whenever i have situations i just tell myself that my kids will NEVER be crazy like that and that they'll always be angels.

    and then i remember what it's like to be 8 years old... and i figure it's just karma.

  5. Your own kids are way better because 1. you love them because they're yours and 2. you can discipline them when they are being obnoxious.

    Horrible to say but I often don't like other people's kids.


  6. but see it's not that you don't like other people's kids, it's that you don't like how other people do/don't discipline their kids.

    While I think it's true that we love our kids differently than we do other kids I think it's unwise to think our love for them will keep us from going insane or being faced with behavioral issues that are just not easily disciplined.

    It's because of our love for them that MAKES us insane.