December Update

Life is crazy people. CRAZY. Work is getting a little more stressful with all these Christmas orders and questions. Winston had puppy classes yesterday and a vet appointment this morning. I have commitments for everyday this week. Still have to do my Christmas shopping (whoops)- there isn't much, but one gift is time consuming, and I have to finish it tomorrow. Plus a million little errands that are always staring me in the face. PLUS as of today, we are going to Utah for Christmas. It's a long story, but that is the plan. We're leaving Saturday for a week. So now we've got to find a place for Winston (tried to fly him out, but its just a no-go in the winter :( ), have to find subs for our classes we teach on Sundays, cancel puppy school for Monday. Just all those little things that come up. And of course I'm the one who has to take care of everything. It's do-able, I realize this. I just want to complain about it. I was thrown off a little by our sudden change of plans. But it is Duke's turn for Christmas and the opportunity presented itself. I also really need a dentist appt and haven't figured out my dental insurance. And I need to order new contacts. Which means I have to get ANOTHER eye doctor appt (i had 2 already...dumb Tricare) and that's gonna be over $100. And new glasses. You know how all the little things just add up? And its about that time of month? That's where I'm at. But alas, everything will be ok. It always is.

Anyways. On the other hand, life has been good! I had a cookie exchange party last week that was splendid! Winston has been a ball of furry joy. The weather this week is more than I could have asked for, which makes me so happy. I get to eat at Cafe Rio in like 4 days. I get to see my Utah peeps. I've been binging on candy cane kisses. I really couldn't ask for more. Just get me through this week please!

Loving Pomegranates right now!!

can you spot the lazy dog?

It may look like he is being strangled-but the string is half in the mouth, half around the head. Its his fav toy

I kinda love where I live right now!! 

current addiction. 

mister cute face

Honey butter pork tenderloin thanks pinterest! Duke loved this and it was super easy

Duke & I teach the 4 year olds at church. When we run out of lesson and there is extra time we do things like.."everyone pretend they're a robot! 'I-am-a robot-I-will-eat-you' " One girl actually said that. It's awesome.

I'm obsessed with that sad little face. We love each other!

Winston's first day at puppy class-socializing!

Play day at the dog park

The dog park on base-wiggly field-how cute is that?

Oh and also as a side note-you may notice the scars Winston has on his back. (maybe not in these pics..but others) Found out he has septicemia (blood poisoning) when he was 3 days old. So instead of running the usual tests, they gave him some injections to save the little guys life. So that's the story if you are wondering.