Thanksgiving Weekend Part II

Last Saturday morning we headed 2 hours south of Indianapolis to Louisville, KY! We visited one of my very best friends Natalie and her husband Paul. Natalie and I met in the dorms at BYU and were roommates for 5 years in Provo- until she got married and moved away. So it was so fun to see them and reminisce about the good ol' days. Here's some pictures. And yet, we didn't get a picture together. 

Nat, Paul & crow

Found a cool swing

and we giggled like school girls

Happier than on christmas morning

Papa Johns House. We google-earthed it. He has a helicopter pad in back
Nat & Paul
My husband is special

Our drive back in the cold rain without defrost. Ugh

REUNITED with my pup!!!! He looks thrilled, I know

And one last swing picture
As a side note, life has been a little crazy this week with work and what not. I just started taking over phone calls and that was a fiasco. Plus all the emails from over the thanksgiving weekend. Then Duke's computer cord decided to die and my computer is on its deathbed. Sad. But we will get through. 

Another side note, I upgraded my phone, but still have the old one and I am still getting text messages on both (even though one has no service) I was really creeped out until I finally read about iMessage-and that you can send messages over wi-fi between ipad/iphones/ipod touches. I thought it was possessed. I know those were 2 boring and meaningless side notes. Sometimes I don't know when to stop. 

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  1. Aw how fun! And I'm glad you figured out your phone.