Spontaneous Road Trip

****WARNING: there is a photo of a very large gross spider somewhere in this post. I'm so sorry for posting it, but i HAD to.

Last Saturday we decided to hit the road to a place Duke had found called Florida State Cavern. It was just a couple hours east of us and it was fun! We stopped to take some pictures of the cotton fields. I think they are soo cool!!! I really want to pick some for some reason.

Went on a little hike while we waited for the cavern tour...

Here's the gross part...We were talking about coming back to go camping there, and then duke saw the biggest spider web ever followed by the biggest spider ever. After I saw a couple more of these I decided we were NEVER camping there. SICK NASTY. But i had to put a picture to show you. I'm sorry.

The Caverns:

It was a fun little trip. woo.


  1. Cool caverns! Spiders are the worst!!!

  2. I had to look up what kind of spider that was. And although I am no spider genius, it looks like a Banana Spider... which are apparently harmless and quite abundant there in Florida! Yuck! So if you want, camping with them is not completely out of the question :o) Glad you guys had an awesome spur of the moment trip, sounds like fun!