Marine Ball

Saturday was the Marine Ball..aka celebration of the Marine's 236th birthday. It was my first time going and it was fun! I didn't really get that dressed up this time (i looked like i was going to church, everyone else looked like they were going to prom..whoops) but next year i'll have to get more into it. It was a long night that started at 5:30 got home at 12:30. We had dinner with Duke's squadron, then cocktail hour, the ceremony, and dancing-which is when we left..we are old people now.

It was neat and fun to get all motivated about being a marine (or a maine spouse i guess). We were lucky too because we had the Commandant of the Marine Corps (highest ranking marine) for the guest of honor. So it was just a fun little night out.
we also ended up in a limo..long story, but fun!


  1. Even if you did go to prom like that you're still a hottie and look beautiful.

  2. You look totally appropriate for the ball ;)