Last Week Recap

Have you ever wondered what happens to broccoli if you steam it for 2 hours? Well I found out. It looks like this:

And it will make the inside of your silver pot look like this:

Also, I have found my new favorite iphone game: pigs in trees. and it is free!

We went to the Blue Angels Air show on Saturday. My first one. And it was delightful. Also got to see a bunch of cool planes.

This is the plane that Duke is flying in right now during training (T-6):

This is the Osprey- Duke's second choice in aircraft's.

This is Duke's #1 choice of aircraft's (C-130)

And the blue angels!! (not my picture, obviously) I learned that at the closest, they fly a mere 18 inches apart. That is INSANE!!!!

I apologize for my obsession with my dog. I have never been a dog person until recently, and I never understood the obsession and thought it was annoying from other people. But somehow I believe that Winston is my baby. Duke says I act like I gave birth to him. He is scared for when we have human children. Here's a cute video from yesterday.

We also went on a fun little canoe trip, but that will have to be another post of its own!


  1. dare I ask how you managed to steam broccoli for two hours?

  2. i am wondering the same thing as jenna...the planes are so cool!

  3. I love those planes! I remember going with my dad to see the blue angels when I was little.

    And your puppy is SO cute! I love him! And I love your giggling in the background of the video, haha. It made me miss you!

  4. i had a blonde moment!! I totally forgot I was steaming it..it was the middle of the day. And I was also cooking something in the crockpot so I thought the smell was coming from there...then I left to go somewhere, came back and the house was filled with smoke..so i looked in the crockpot and all seemed fine..and that is when i remembered. Not one of my finest moments.