Thanksgiving Weekend Part 1

Such a good holiday weekend! Duke & I drove to Indianapolis for Thanksgiving, where my grandparents and Aunt & Uncle live, and my parents and two brothers were there too. Everything was great although the drive up was freezing (no heat in Duke's car--didn't think that one through) and no heat or auto defrost on the way back. Always a good time. On black Friday we went to see some sights in Indianapolis. Downtown Masonic temple/cathedral thing, big Christmas "tree" and the Indianapolis Museum of Art. All were delightful!

My precious grandparents

Beautiful Jello!
Scottish Rite Cathedral

World War I monument 

my bro, me and my mom

quality phone time


We still love each other


 "Thanksgiving is a magical time of year when families across the country join together to raise America's obesity statistics. " -Stephen Colbert (my hero)

Hope it's a good one


Thanksgiving Eve

Happy thanksgiving eve! Duke and I are currently in a hotel in Nashville, TN, on our way to indianapolis for the holiday. It's been an cold drive. See, it hasn't been cold enough to turn the heat on in our cars yet in Florida, and well dukes heat does not work in his car..which is the car we took. Whoops! I've never been so cold!!! So in the spirit of thanksgiving in grateful for HEAT!!

Also I did a "guest post" over on one of my bff's blog. I wrote a list if what I was thankful for and left a video clip that served as my inspiration for wearing my stretchy waistband pants tomorrow! So excited for delicious food!!!

Also, I'm half asleep right now, so I apologize for the ramblingness if this strange post. Goodnight!

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Pumpkin Goodness

Last week was a lazy week. Nothing very exciting. Just living life and what not.

But I did discover this flavor of Blue Bell ice cream--and I have to share. I'm obsessed. It was even better than I thought it would be. carmel swirl, sugared pecans, pumpkin goodness. Do yourself a favor and go get it. (unless you live in utah..then you're out of luck..sorry)

Also, it's 9:30AM and it's already 72 degrees. Have I mentioned that I love Florida weather?


Treats & Snoozin, Snoozin & Treats

Winston's been doing a lot of this:

He has little scars on his back from some injections he got when he was sick before we got him.

And a little bit of this:

And being crazy with the neighbors dog. The other dog was just playing, but Winston went crazy on him. Kinda cracked me up.

I love him!!


A trip down memory lane. kinda

Remember this post? The weird blind date where I played a joke on that guy? Well I don't know if you've been watching the Sing-Off, but if you are, he's in the group from BYU Vocal Point. My old boss told me he was on there so I started watching. They just got voted off this week but they did pretty good. Anyways, the guys i circled the guy who it was. So know you can put a face with the story. oh good times.


Canoe Trip!

Friday we woke up bright and early to go on a little canoe trip on the nearby Blackwater River. We brought Winston along and met up with some friends. It was a beauuuuuuuuutiful day. I thought Duke was crazy because i woke up, checked the weather and it was 36 degrees. But it warmed up and got into the 60s while we were out so it wasn't so bad. Six miles--took about 4 hours. Winston slept half the time, but I'm pretty sure he loved it! Even though Milton is the middle of nowhere we are trying to take advantage of what's around us and I think we were both pleasantly surprised with how nice it was.
Also-side note-they find alligators in this river-scary, right??! Although the guy said they are all burrowed under the sand this time of year....slightly comforting.

Here's a bunch of pictures, mostly thanks to our friends who were brave enough to bring a camera into a canoe and duke who brought his phone. (i am too paranoid of tipping)

This was Winston about half the time- peaking over the side. so cute!

He also loved rolling around in the sand


Last Week Recap

Have you ever wondered what happens to broccoli if you steam it for 2 hours? Well I found out. It looks like this:

And it will make the inside of your silver pot look like this:

Also, I have found my new favorite iphone game: pigs in trees. and it is free!

We went to the Blue Angels Air show on Saturday. My first one. And it was delightful. Also got to see a bunch of cool planes.

This is the plane that Duke is flying in right now during training (T-6):

This is the Osprey- Duke's second choice in aircraft's.

This is Duke's #1 choice of aircraft's (C-130)

And the blue angels!! (not my picture, obviously) I learned that at the closest, they fly a mere 18 inches apart. That is INSANE!!!!

I apologize for my obsession with my dog. I have never been a dog person until recently, and I never understood the obsession and thought it was annoying from other people. But somehow I believe that Winston is my baby. Duke says I act like I gave birth to him. He is scared for when we have human children. Here's a cute video from yesterday.

We also went on a fun little canoe trip, but that will have to be another post of its own!


Marine Ball

Saturday was the Marine Ball..aka celebration of the Marine's 236th birthday. It was my first time going and it was fun! I didn't really get that dressed up this time (i looked like i was going to church, everyone else looked like they were going to prom..whoops) but next year i'll have to get more into it. It was a long night that started at 5:30 got home at 12:30. We had dinner with Duke's squadron, then cocktail hour, the ceremony, and dancing-which is when we left..we are old people now.

It was neat and fun to get all motivated about being a marine (or a maine spouse i guess). We were lucky too because we had the Commandant of the Marine Corps (highest ranking marine) for the guest of honor. So it was just a fun little night out.
we also ended up in a limo..long story, but fun!

Winston can sit

I taught Winston his first trick yesterday and I'm surprised how quick he got it! We're definitely putting him in puppy school but he has to be at least 10 weeks for that. So in the mean time we make do. 

Also saw the biggest nastiest spider on our patio last night. Worse than the spider pictured in the previous post. I'm loving the weather down here, especially since its my first winter out of utah! (77 today-yay!) but not loving the spiders. I have a fear!!


Spontaneous Road Trip

****WARNING: there is a photo of a very large gross spider somewhere in this post. I'm so sorry for posting it, but i HAD to.

Last Saturday we decided to hit the road to a place Duke had found called Florida State Cavern. It was just a couple hours east of us and it was fun! We stopped to take some pictures of the cotton fields. I think they are soo cool!!! I really want to pick some for some reason.

Went on a little hike while we waited for the cavern tour...

Here's the gross part...We were talking about coming back to go camping there, and then duke saw the biggest spider web ever followed by the biggest spider ever. After I saw a couple more of these I decided we were NEVER camping there. SICK NASTY. But i had to put a picture to show you. I'm sorry.

The Caverns:

It was a fun little trip. woo.