I just want to begin by saying I love october. October 1 I went outside and the temperature had finally dropped to a nice mid-70's high. I bought little pumpkins and gourds and wore a sweater. It was great. Plus October is my birthday month. So you just can't go wrong in October.

I would also like to say that I have decided that life looks better through instagram. It just looks more fun. And so I've been taking a lot of instagram pictures lately so that my life can look like more fun.

This past weekend was fun. On Friday Duke and I went down to Destin to do some outlet shopping and get a bite to eat. I love the Destin outlet malls. They have everything you could ever want. I, however, limited myself to 2 stores..and then my shopping budget was gone :(. But we also made a stop by Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for some delicious caramel apples.

Saturday we went to our friends house for a delicious brunch and some General Conference. It was delightful.

I also got to try out my handy dandy stand mixer and made some really good chocolate chip cookies!

I also feel very lucky/blessed with this whole military thing. It's so hard moving somewhere new and trying to make new friends. I need friend interaction to keep myself sane and happy! There is a cool group of people in the area, who are in flight school right now and who go to our church. On Saturday night a bunch of the wives went to Panera and it was really great getting to know everyone better.

Sunday started off with a delicious brunch of pumpkin pancakes, bacon and eggs.

Sunday continued by lounging on the couches listening to General Conference. And then we went nextdoor to play with our neighbor's cute little weimaraner puppy, Jimmer.

So as you can see, I've been taking a lot of instagrams. I feel a little obsessed, but I'm glad i'm taking more pictures. I always regret not taking enough. Now I gotta find a way to take more video. Those are the real gems!


  1. again, love all the fun pictures!

  2. You're right, you're lucky to have that network on top of the church network. We're jealous. Also, you're right about Instagram. love P.S. weird to see you liking a dog.