weekend in n'awlins

We had a little bit of fun this weekend. Duke had Columbus Day off, so we drove off to New Orleans for the weekend. Scored a nice little hotel in the city thanks to the Priceline Negotiator! Here's our trip in pictures...

Baton Rouge LDS Temple

Capital City Grill- Baton Rouge

La Boulangerie (our FAVORITE place)

La Boulangerie-Apple Tart--yum
St. Louis Cathedral
Looks like Disneyland

Inside St. Louis Cathedral

Beignets from Cafe Du Monde (overrated)

Best croissant of my life- La Boulangerie

Good pizza- better branding. I appreciate these kinds of things

we match. unintentional

One GIANT regret was our lack of cajun food. I mean, hello, isn't that WHY you go to new orleans?? We had found some good places to go to, but the first night we went to some dumb burger place that Duke's friend told him about. And it was mediocre. Then we left sunday at lunch time, and we weren't hungry. So we'll have to go back again. However, the trip was worth it thanks to La Boulangerie. SO SO SO good. Stacy- I kept thinking of you and your chocolate croissants. You would have loved it. 

But we did catch a good little jazz band at the visitor's center! So we got some culture. Don't worry. Now its back to "reality". My goal for this week is to prioritize my time. The whole Stephen Covey 4 quadrants thing. I've got a giant to-do list and a billion thank you notes to be pumping out!! But the world wide web is just so much more interesting!!!