WEDDING!! part 1

I have to say I worked hard on my wedding all summer long. Probably too hard. I sometimes thought it would be the death of me. Because of all this hard work I was scared that things were going to go wrong. The day before the wedding I had a few breakdowns, and lots of tears. But I am happy to say that the day of was perfect for me. I was happy and didn't notice anything wrong. I'm so glad I was able to just enjoy the day and not worry about silly things. I do wish I could have had more pictures with Duke before the reception. We didn't do "groomals" and so we only have pictures from the temple, where the sun was pretty bright and I look like i'm glowing in all of them. ha. However, I really did love our photographer. Alixann Loosle. She did a great job and did a  great job at Brittany's wedding as well. So here's some pictures!

We love each other.


  1. beautiful pictures, ambassador of fun!!!

  2. Love the pictures, you guys look so happy and in love.

  3. LOVE them!!!! You look so beautiful! Wish I could have been there!