Project Time

I completed a project!! (well half-way actually...still have the chairs to do). We got our kitchen table from Craigslist. And it was fine as is, but kinda boring looking I thought. So I decided to paint it. Spray paint style. It's not perfect, but it's good enough for me and I like to look at it now. I wish I had endless money to decorate however I'd like, but alas, I do not. I've accepted it's gonna be a few moves before my house looks the way I'd really like it to. But I still like the little home we have. It's fun.

ok so here is the table before:
I actually made all those patches on top. tried to hand sand. bad idea.
(oh, and beautiful lawn, no? Its sand and weeds)
and After...wa laaa!
I also ruined a perfectly good shower curtain in the process. But it was all I had. Anyways, I'm proud of myself for finally doing something "crafty" and "productive"

Tomorrow's my birthday and my plans are:
  • read as many blogs and spend as much time on pinterest as I want and not feel bad
  • workout
  • make cupcakes
  • make pumpkin goodness
  • watch some tv shows perhaps
  • mayyyyyyyybe go to the beach (if I haven't spent all day on the computer)
  • drink as much diet coke as I want!
  • have some friends over, eat yummy pizza, cupcakes, pumpkin goodness, play games. 
woot woot!!


  1. the table looks so cute! i'm excited to see it tonight. happy birthday!!!

  2. still think it's funny i was obsessed with white shabby circular tables and you're the one who ends up picking one. that's just how it goes for us. looks awesome