I have a new favorite breakfast that I thought I'd share. Warning: it is a form of oatmeal. I know not everyone is a fan..but i LOVE it. I use to always eat the single serve package cinnamon swirl or something of the sorts. And while I still like it, sometimes you get sick of eating hot mush. So my newest thing is eating the oatmeal "raw". I found this recommendation on a blog, gave it a whirl and i love it!!

Just put some oats in a bowl (not the instant kind), pour enough milk to cover oats and let the milk soak in for a few minutes to soften. Then I add honey, sliced almonds, bananas, or whatever other fruit I may have. I think it's so great. I've eaten it non stop for 3 weeks. Maybe someone else will like it as much as I do??


  1. I am totally making this! And I totally just pinned this. Ha.

  2. hmm, you know how i love my oats raw... but I'm not a fan of the almonds part.