Tomorrow, I'm driving up to Birmingham to pick up this little guy

I'm so excited!!!!!!! I love all his little wrinkles! We are still very undecided on a name. Duke really wants to name him Chesty- after Chesty Puller...some famous marine or something, but I'm not really into that name. It might come to flipping a coin. We'll see!


Halloween Costumes

I was trying to find costumes for Duke and I but I got distracted by these completely ADORABLE costumes for little kids!! I can't wait to dress my own up....some day.



I have a new favorite breakfast that I thought I'd share. Warning: it is a form of oatmeal. I know not everyone is a fan..but i LOVE it. I use to always eat the single serve package cinnamon swirl or something of the sorts. And while I still like it, sometimes you get sick of eating hot mush. So my newest thing is eating the oatmeal "raw". I found this recommendation on a blog, gave it a whirl and i love it!!

Just put some oats in a bowl (not the instant kind), pour enough milk to cover oats and let the milk soak in for a few minutes to soften. Then I add honey, sliced almonds, bananas, or whatever other fruit I may have. I think it's so great. I've eaten it non stop for 3 weeks. Maybe someone else will like it as much as I do??


A very She & Him Christmas

Downloaded this puppy today from Amazon for $5. I recommend you do the same.


shins, sounds & cookies

I got off my blogging kick for a little while. 4 days to be exact. It was some rough times. Can't really say I've been up to that much. I am digging the new ios5, however geektastic that is to say. when you use google maps, it actually give you MULTIPLE routes now. And I like the new reminder app thingy.

We got to see The Shins AND The Sounds last weekend on the BEACH and it was very fun/awesome/cool/fun etc. Both were good!

The Shins

The Sounds

pretty beach sunset

Also, here's a fun autumn recipe I found on pinterest--Pumpkin Gingersnap Cookies. I really liked them!!

Picture from their website.


For Sale

I'm selling my wedding dress. Ahhhh. I'm kinda sad about it. But I'm also pretty sure it will sit in a box for the rest of my life. Anyways, the point of this post is if you know anyone who may be looking for a dress... you can send them my way or point them to this link. Thank you mucho


Don't Compare Yourself

Sometimes I do this


Birthday Recap

I think my favorite part about birthdays is all the phone calls/texts/fbook love. (even though i didn't get to all the calls-sorry!) People are so nice. 

Duke only had to go in for a couple hours in the morning (before I was even awake), so we went canoeing! It was such a beautiful day and so was fun (even though I'm a weakling canoe-er). I was actually really scared/paranoid the first bit of the ride because- in the office where we paid for our canoe, there were all these pictures of alligators (babies...but still!) they had found in/by the river. I kept thinking I saw one, but it always ended up being a log. I'm officially scared of alligators. 

Then Duke surprised me with a bicycle that he even attempted to wrap. Very cute of him. I love it. I can't wait to ride everywhere on it.

Then I worked out, baked and had friends over to play games, in which I also forgot to take pictures. Sometimes you just have to live the moment and forget the pictures though, right? 

Baking Creations

BEST FROSTING EVER. Couldn't eaten it by itself.
All in all it was a great birthday. Thanks to all the friends who came! Cheers to 25!


One Little Video

Love the Killers, love b. flowers. and his kids are cuties.


Today is my birthday!! I love birthdays. All birthdays. They are just fun. I like to celebrate.
I am now 25 years old. Kinda can't believe it. I remember when I thought 25 was officially OLD. But here I am and truth be told I think its going to be a really good year. Reasons being:
1- I know myself so much better than when I was, say, 18 (oh so dumb!)
2- I know what I want in life much better than when I was 22 (perfect age?)
3- each year I appreciate life and all the people in mine so much more.
4- I really do think life gets better every year. (for the most part)

So YAY for birthdays!!!!


Project Time

I completed a project!! (well half-way actually...still have the chairs to do). We got our kitchen table from Craigslist. And it was fine as is, but kinda boring looking I thought. So I decided to paint it. Spray paint style. It's not perfect, but it's good enough for me and I like to look at it now. I wish I had endless money to decorate however I'd like, but alas, I do not. I've accepted it's gonna be a few moves before my house looks the way I'd really like it to. But I still like the little home we have. It's fun.

ok so here is the table before:
I actually made all those patches on top. tried to hand sand. bad idea.
(oh, and beautiful lawn, no? Its sand and weeds)
and After...wa laaa!
I also ruined a perfectly good shower curtain in the process. But it was all I had. Anyways, I'm proud of myself for finally doing something "crafty" and "productive"

Tomorrow's my birthday and my plans are:
  • read as many blogs and spend as much time on pinterest as I want and not feel bad
  • workout
  • make cupcakes
  • make pumpkin goodness
  • watch some tv shows perhaps
  • mayyyyyyyybe go to the beach (if I haven't spent all day on the computer)
  • drink as much diet coke as I want!
  • have some friends over, eat yummy pizza, cupcakes, pumpkin goodness, play games. 
woot woot!!


A Little Laugh


I've never said much about my religion on here. I don't want to offend anyone and because I've just always held it a little personal I suppose. However, I saw this video again today and I really enjoyed hearing it and thought that others would too. In the light of all this Mitt Romney political drama, there's all kinds of Mormon criticism, which isn't anything new. Mostly I've been hearing people of other faiths define what we believe/who we are. Here is a leader of the LDS/Mormon church explaining why Mormons are Christians from Oct 2007 General Conference.

Take some time and watch it, whether you're mormon or not. It's some great food for thought.

For full talk click HERE

For his explaination on his 2nd point see HERE

weekend in n'awlins

We had a little bit of fun this weekend. Duke had Columbus Day off, so we drove off to New Orleans for the weekend. Scored a nice little hotel in the city thanks to the Priceline Negotiator! Here's our trip in pictures...

Baton Rouge LDS Temple

Capital City Grill- Baton Rouge

La Boulangerie (our FAVORITE place)

La Boulangerie-Apple Tart--yum
St. Louis Cathedral
Looks like Disneyland

Inside St. Louis Cathedral

Beignets from Cafe Du Monde (overrated)

Best croissant of my life- La Boulangerie

Good pizza- better branding. I appreciate these kinds of things

we match. unintentional

One GIANT regret was our lack of cajun food. I mean, hello, isn't that WHY you go to new orleans?? We had found some good places to go to, but the first night we went to some dumb burger place that Duke's friend told him about. And it was mediocre. Then we left sunday at lunch time, and we weren't hungry. So we'll have to go back again. However, the trip was worth it thanks to La Boulangerie. SO SO SO good. Stacy- I kept thinking of you and your chocolate croissants. You would have loved it. 

But we did catch a good little jazz band at the visitor's center! So we got some culture. Don't worry. Now its back to "reality". My goal for this week is to prioritize my time. The whole Stephen Covey 4 quadrants thing. I've got a giant to-do list and a billion thank you notes to be pumping out!! But the world wide web is just so much more interesting!!!



I realized I never posted any of my bridals anywhere. And since I really have nothing to blog about I thought i'd share some. Duke and I are headed to New Orleans for the weekend. Woot!