Tuesday Thoughts

Do you know what food I crave almost every single day, more than any other food? 
Chocolate Chip Cookies. 
They are just so amazingly delicious. Today my craving WILL be satisfied!!! 

On a side note, I've noticed I've been on a blogging kick the last few days. It feels weird. I guess I'm in need of some kind of outlet when Duke's at work. 

Speaking of Duke, he let me-actually he wanted me- to cut his hair yesterday. I've never cut a man's hair. Never used clippers. I watched one youtube video and read some tips and I've watched him get a haircut a few times. He needs haircuts weekly, and told me if I don't learn how to do it, he's just buzzing it all off. But i like his hair so I'm trying. Yesterday I tried..and it ended with him going to the barber to get it fixed. hahaha. Hey, I gotta start somewhere!! I can't believe he even trusted me to try. He must be crazy. But that's why I love him!


  1. ha! It took me an hour to cut Ryan's hair the first time I did it. Men need haircuts all the time so it's definitely better to learn to do it but, man it's a lot of pressure.

  2. Mickelle buy some clippers. Mine had a video with it on how to do it.