I think I'm getting older. My back has never hurt so much moving. Last Thursday we headed back up to arkansas for our open house, which turned out beautiful!! A big thanks to everyone who helped. My mom has some very talented friends. Then we packed up our moving truck and on Sunday made a 16 hour drive back to Florida. (PS moving trucks are expensive, ugh)

Monday I unloaded a million boxes and since then I've been unpacking and cleaning like a crazy person! It's been fun though. I love our little house and it's so fun to have a place that is our own and I can do whatever I want with. I'll post some pictures eventually...

On another note, I did happen to make the world's best lasagna the other night. Not a big deal, but if you want to see for yourself, I got it from allrecipes, and it really is the worlds best lasagna, in my opinion. I feel like such a little wife. And i'm kinda LOVING not working 40 hours a week at the moment. But don't worry...i'm looking for a job... slash i got a job offer last night to make $500 a month doing some twitter/facebook/emails for a company from home a few hours a week. But I'm looking. Well I'm off to the social security office to officially become Mickelle McCrory! Woot! 

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