m squared

If you are looking at my blog right now, you may notice a GIANT new header. I didn't intend on it being that ginormous, but I needed a new header, and at the moment I'm too lazy to fix it. But you sure won't miss the blog title when you come to my blog!
My sister brittany might say that I "copied her". She's grown up Brittany Bland aka b-squared; but while she was downgraded from the second power, I was upgraded. Soo, I was going to change my header from "miss mickelle" to "mrs mickelle", but i thought m-squared was a little more fun. So there you have it.

Another thing I wanted to share was this sweet song that's been stuck in my head lately. Before I moved down here to Florida, I taught the 3 & 4 year old sunday school class at my church. Part of it is singing time and this was one of the songs they were learning. I always loved hearing all the little kids singing it at the top of their lungs. Especially the chorus, "Jesus LOVES MEEEEE"-- that's how they'd sing it. So i've been listening to it on youtube lately. Just melts my heart.


  1. The kids sang it Sunday and it really added the spirit. Sister Dyer gave an incredible testimony and I think everyone felt the spirit strong. i also was listening to this song today. Great minds think a like.

  2. hi mom!! I didn't know you read my blog. welcome.