the little things

I was just looking through a bunch of candids my wonderful uncle took at my wedding. I saw this one and I got a big smile on my face! He is just way too cute!! That little smile of his is just so adorable. Melts my little heart every time.

I'm also finding out he's a pretty good husband. He knows how to make me feel all special and loved. He's really good at leaving me secret little notes that I don't find for a while. One example: I had written down my menu plans last week and later saw his little note he added:

Yesterday I woke up and he had turned the fan off when he left for work and even turned the air up to 77. (I'm a freak and keep it at 77 during the day...I get cold too easy!!) It was sweet to know he's thinking about me.
It's all the little things that make me love him so much. 

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