I just wanted to blog and say hi out there. Hi whoever is out there! I have lots of things I could blog about right now, but I don't have pictures on the computer I'm on, and it's just to much effort to get to them. And a blog post with tons of words and no pictures is BORINGGGG!
(this is the best I could do picture wise)

I have to say, It is nice to have time to read blogs again, to write in my blog, to sit and watch TV. It's been far too long. Far too long. Maybe I can actually Google chat with people just like old times. I kinda have a job now actually. It's one of those at home, a couple hours a day jobs, so it doesn't really count. Just some facebook/twitter/customer service maintenance. But I'm starting to look for a real (part-time..lets not get carried away...) job on base. Back to reality 

Annnd just for fun:


  1. mainly because, the full time thing left me a dreary, sad, exhausted person everyday (could be the wedding i was planning too) For the sake of my and dukes quality of life we're looking part time.

  2. Are you able to transfer from your job here to one out there. Dad said something about some computer work for your job here? What is that all about?