Hey y'all

I'm in Florida! Wedding was pretty much perfect, but I'll cover that when I get my wedding pics back. Bahamas was awesome. I don't have Internet here until next week, so this will be short. Anyways we've been getting all set up in our little house. We didn't have water when we got back (fun surprise), but duke being the boyscout he is, put cups outside in the pouring rain so we could at least brush our teeth. Yep, I used dirty rain water to brush my teeth on Saturday. Then he took a bucket shower outside in the rain. Luckily though, he knows the couple who lives next-door to us and they go to our church as well, so we showered sunday and monday at their place and today we have water!!!!!!! I have never been so happy. I literally jumped up and down.

After 10 days married life is still good. There was an incident when trying to play a game of checkers on empty stomachs, but all is well.

Duke and I head back to Arkansas in a couple days to have a reception back there. Its just one big party after another! And then well finally get to open our gifts. Yay!

Oh and I almost forgot! Duke and I went to this cute little antique store that is in the old post office, and strangely enough it also has a delicious cafe! I'm talking DELICIOUS! AND we scored a globe that's got to be at least 20 years old, bc it says Russia is the USSR. I love globes. Isn't it great??!

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  1. can't wait to hear more and see some more pictures! miss you!