After three weeks I still think marriage is pretty great. I love it. One of the best things about weddings is that it brings all the important people in your life together. I've been really REALLY blessed in my life to have such good friends. I really am so grateful for those of you who were able to come to my wedding! It was sooo much fun seeing everyone and I wish I had more time to spend together with everyone. I already miss all of my deary's! I know that once you're married you tend to make more "couple friends" and I'm looking forward to new friendships, but I want to keep all the old ones forever!!! In fact, I'm glad I didn't get married too young, so that I was able to meet all of these awesome peeps. Here's some pictures of some of my little friendies taken recently.

 bff's from Arkansas--hanging out before I left arkansas.
jenna and I

Then my awesome sister Brittany threw me an awesome bridal shower at The Chocolate in Provo..aka The most adorable and delicious place on earth (Also the same place I got my wedding cake from).
 It looks like i'm not wearing pants in this picture...and maybe I'm not...
And these amazing ladies came to the shower!! I love all of them so much!! Thanks guys :)

*Obviously some very important persons are missing from the pictures. But I love you just as much! Miss you all!