Provo Utah Girls aka California Gurls by Mormons. I found it pretty entertaining, however if you never lived in Utah you may find it weird and creepy.

Tuesday Tidbits

Do you like my title's alliteration? Thought I was clever.

Today I challenged Duke to a staring contest-I won in like 7 seconds. So then he challenged me to a non-staring contest. No one won because we couldn't stop laughing. What is a non-staring contest? Well we witnessed this new game being played by some rugrats a few weeks ago at Five Guys. I guess it's the new thing. You have to get all your stares out first. Then you both have to blink until you just can't anymore!! These kids were so good they were going for at least 5 whole minutes. Blew my mind.

I went for a walk today around my "neighborhood" because I didn't really feel like working out. I felt white trash walking around aimlessly in my white T-shirt and cut off sweats, no make up. (This was at 2:30pm). I always see random WT/NWT (non-white trash) walking around our neighborhood at EVERY hour of the day. I always wonder where they are going. Duke says "they're just going for a walk!" But I don't buy it.

Here's a picture of our house from the outside. I would take pictures of the inside..but it's just not to that point yet. Maybe in December when I get the rug I bought that's on back order...maybe.

Also, made these last night and we really loved them. Also making this tonight. We are on the lookout for the best recipe for tomato soup. Wish us luck.
PS. I'm actually really enjoying this whole cooking thing.


Keep In Mind..

Via Pinterest.

Something I need to keep in mind.


the little things

I was just looking through a bunch of candids my wonderful uncle took at my wedding. I saw this one and I got a big smile on my face! He is just way too cute!! That little smile of his is just so adorable. Melts my little heart every time.

I'm also finding out he's a pretty good husband. He knows how to make me feel all special and loved. He's really good at leaving me secret little notes that I don't find for a while. One example: I had written down my menu plans last week and later saw his little note he added:

Yesterday I woke up and he had turned the fan off when he left for work and even turned the air up to 77. (I'm a freak and keep it at 77 during the day...I get cold too easy!!) It was sweet to know he's thinking about me.
It's all the little things that make me love him so much. 


m squared

If you are looking at my blog right now, you may notice a GIANT new header. I didn't intend on it being that ginormous, but I needed a new header, and at the moment I'm too lazy to fix it. But you sure won't miss the blog title when you come to my blog!
My sister brittany might say that I "copied her". She's grown up Brittany Bland aka b-squared; but while she was downgraded from the second power, I was upgraded. Soo, I was going to change my header from "miss mickelle" to "mrs mickelle", but i thought m-squared was a little more fun. So there you have it.

Another thing I wanted to share was this sweet song that's been stuck in my head lately. Before I moved down here to Florida, I taught the 3 & 4 year old sunday school class at my church. Part of it is singing time and this was one of the songs they were learning. I always loved hearing all the little kids singing it at the top of their lungs. Especially the chorus, "Jesus LOVES MEEEEE"-- that's how they'd sing it. So i've been listening to it on youtube lately. Just melts my heart.


Tuesday Thoughts

Do you know what food I crave almost every single day, more than any other food? 
Chocolate Chip Cookies. 
They are just so amazingly delicious. Today my craving WILL be satisfied!!! 

On a side note, I've noticed I've been on a blogging kick the last few days. It feels weird. I guess I'm in need of some kind of outlet when Duke's at work. 

Speaking of Duke, he let me-actually he wanted me- to cut his hair yesterday. I've never cut a man's hair. Never used clippers. I watched one youtube video and read some tips and I've watched him get a haircut a few times. He needs haircuts weekly, and told me if I don't learn how to do it, he's just buzzing it all off. But i like his hair so I'm trying. Yesterday I tried..and it ended with him going to the barber to get it fixed. hahaha. Hey, I gotta start somewhere!! I can't believe he even trusted me to try. He must be crazy. But that's why I love him!


Bahama Mama

For our honeymoon, we were lucky enough to go to the bahamas! A trip that his family all pitched in for. (Thank you!!) We stayed at the Atlantis resort in Nassau, and naturally, it was tons of funnnnn! And a really good de-stresser from wedding madness. So here are some pictures.

 a waffle cone ice cream chair!! i love ice cream
 Atlantis, herself
 My lover and myself

 The Sharks were Duke's fav part
 drinks by the pool!
 view from the balcony
 sometimes we read


 won some free money
 found this cute little guy in our room!!!

It was wonderful!!!!!!!!!!


After three weeks I still think marriage is pretty great. I love it. One of the best things about weddings is that it brings all the important people in your life together. I've been really REALLY blessed in my life to have such good friends. I really am so grateful for those of you who were able to come to my wedding! It was sooo much fun seeing everyone and I wish I had more time to spend together with everyone. I already miss all of my deary's! I know that once you're married you tend to make more "couple friends" and I'm looking forward to new friendships, but I want to keep all the old ones forever!!! In fact, I'm glad I didn't get married too young, so that I was able to meet all of these awesome peeps. Here's some pictures of some of my little friendies taken recently.

 bff's from Arkansas--hanging out before I left arkansas.
jenna and I

Then my awesome sister Brittany threw me an awesome bridal shower at The Chocolate in Provo..aka The most adorable and delicious place on earth (Also the same place I got my wedding cake from).
 It looks like i'm not wearing pants in this picture...and maybe I'm not...
And these amazing ladies came to the shower!! I love all of them so much!! Thanks guys :)

*Obviously some very important persons are missing from the pictures. But I love you just as much! Miss you all!



I just wanted to blog and say hi out there. Hi whoever is out there! I have lots of things I could blog about right now, but I don't have pictures on the computer I'm on, and it's just to much effort to get to them. And a blog post with tons of words and no pictures is BORINGGGG!
(this is the best I could do picture wise)

I have to say, It is nice to have time to read blogs again, to write in my blog, to sit and watch TV. It's been far too long. Far too long. Maybe I can actually Google chat with people just like old times. I kinda have a job now actually. It's one of those at home, a couple hours a day jobs, so it doesn't really count. Just some facebook/twitter/customer service maintenance. But I'm starting to look for a real (part-time..lets not get carried away...) job on base. Back to reality 

Annnd just for fun:



I think I'm getting older. My back has never hurt so much moving. Last Thursday we headed back up to arkansas for our open house, which turned out beautiful!! A big thanks to everyone who helped. My mom has some very talented friends. Then we packed up our moving truck and on Sunday made a 16 hour drive back to Florida. (PS moving trucks are expensive, ugh)

Monday I unloaded a million boxes and since then I've been unpacking and cleaning like a crazy person! It's been fun though. I love our little house and it's so fun to have a place that is our own and I can do whatever I want with. I'll post some pictures eventually...

On another note, I did happen to make the world's best lasagna the other night. Not a big deal, but if you want to see for yourself, I got it from allrecipes, and it really is the worlds best lasagna, in my opinion. I feel like such a little wife. And i'm kinda LOVING not working 40 hours a week at the moment. But don't worry...i'm looking for a job... slash i got a job offer last night to make $500 a month doing some twitter/facebook/emails for a company from home a few hours a week. But I'm looking. Well I'm off to the social security office to officially become Mickelle McCrory! Woot! 


Hey y'all

I'm in Florida! Wedding was pretty much perfect, but I'll cover that when I get my wedding pics back. Bahamas was awesome. I don't have Internet here until next week, so this will be short. Anyways we've been getting all set up in our little house. We didn't have water when we got back (fun surprise), but duke being the boyscout he is, put cups outside in the pouring rain so we could at least brush our teeth. Yep, I used dirty rain water to brush my teeth on Saturday. Then he took a bucket shower outside in the rain. Luckily though, he knows the couple who lives next-door to us and they go to our church as well, so we showered sunday and monday at their place and today we have water!!!!!!! I have never been so happy. I literally jumped up and down.

After 10 days married life is still good. There was an incident when trying to play a game of checkers on empty stomachs, but all is well.

Duke and I head back to Arkansas in a couple days to have a reception back there. Its just one big party after another! And then well finally get to open our gifts. Yay!

Oh and I almost forgot! Duke and I went to this cute little antique store that is in the old post office, and strangely enough it also has a delicious cafe! I'm talking DELICIOUS! AND we scored a globe that's got to be at least 20 years old, bc it says Russia is the USSR. I love globes. Isn't it great??!

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