Wedding Nightmare

I had my first wedding nightmare last night. I went to pick up the cake and the lady said we never placed an order, and then she just had to give us the only cake she had on hand (it was ugly). Then I realized the only table we had for the cake was a kitchen table and I needed a small round table!! It was a nightmare. Lets hope for the best.

I also had another vivid nightmare where I got forced into some kind of slave labor camp type thing, and we stopped at a walmart and I ran away and I hid behind this big letter C for days or weeks. It was scary. And I came out, I was transformed into a black girl and married a guy named CJ Johnson????(also black) It was weird.

Today is 5 days until I am married. It is also our official 2 years. Well I am off to begin the day of craziness. Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FRIEND RACHEL!!!!!! i love her.

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