Utah bound

I'm on my way to Utah with my momma! First time I've had this much free time in months. It feels good. Anyways, here are some quick updates.
  • I'm officially unemlpoyed as of Friday at 4:30. I'd be lying if I said I'm really torn up about it. FREEDOM!!! 
  • I've been gluing and folding and cutting and sewing and painting my face off for the last few weeks. Hopefully it will pay off!! Here's one preview of something I painted:
cake toppers!

  • Duke and I found a house! to rent that is. We'll probably only be in Florida for like 6 or 7 monthish, but it's very exciting to have our own little place. I can't wait to move in!!
  • I just passed a sign in Colorado that says "Happiness is a crock of beans"
  • My mom is using 2 GPS's on this trip. JUST IN CASE!!!! 
  • One day I will blog about my trip to Italy. Maybe tomorrow on the road. Except I don't have pictures with me. But it was fabulous. fabulous. Already planning my trip back someday.... :)

Anywho. Life has been crazy. Mostly filled with wedding planning/crafting and working. I'm ready to get this party starteddddd!! 13 days. can't wait.


  1. woot! (yes mickelle i went thru 5 hurdles to get past your security checks so i could say "woot" i hope you are happy)

  2. The cake toppers! So freaking ADORABLE. I want! Can't wait to hear about fabulous Italy!!!