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Hello long lost blog. Im in utah. I get married in 6 days--Still very surreal. Haven't seen my fiancé since July 3. He flies in on Wednesday and I cannot wait to see him!!! Here's what I've been up to in the meantime:

One of my 100 to-do lists

Sewing things for wedding

Drove through Joplin, MO on the way to Utah. Still lots of damage.

Picking flowers with Brittany

Trying so hard to beat my highest score on sudoku, and coming soo close!! Ugh.

A lovely bridal shower thrown by my family! With delicious homemade cafe rio salads.Thank you!!

Bridal preview..whoops! Speeding like a mofo to get to bridals. Suppose to be there at 6:25, rolled in at 7...thanks to I-15 construction, traffic, and accident. Then britt got pulled over going 87 in a 65...but thanks to my wedding dress and Britts clean record he let us off. Good times!

My fiancé sent me flowers and chocolate because i was stressed out. (and told him he should do something nice for me).

And hanging out with my sister!

Ps I love Utah summers. Ahhh.
PPS-no idea why the formatting is so weird...probably bc im posting from an iphone. the joys of technology.

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  1. so sad to miss all the fun this weekend, I'll be with you in spirit! I am so excited for you, love. PS love your hair in your bridal preview pic!!

  2. Love your updates! Ou are so gorgeous! Wish I could be there for your special day (boo for being poor). I wish you the best and hope you are finding time to relax I. Your busy days before the wedding. Love you!