Last weekend I was in florida with mr. loverboy!! it was a lovely little weekend if I do say so myself! This above picture is on our way home from the airport in mobile--2 hour drive, no AC, and 90+ degree weather. So we bought an ice bag for the way home. It was pretty funny. You gotta do what you gotta do!!! 
pretty flowers duke brought me at the airport
The next day we went sailing!!! Well duke took a refresher sailing class, then i met up with him to go sailing afterwards. It was SOOO FUN!!!!! we are gonna get pretty serious about sailing. So be ready.

In case you've never been to Pensacola--the beaches are BEAUTIFUL!!! the town...is GHETTO. Some parts are nicer than others, but the main city is scary. In that context, we saw this car below:

this pizza was AMAZING!!!

 Other fun things we did were: Get our engagement pictures taken, did some gift registries, sat out on the dock in his backyard, motorcycle rides to the beach, beach volleyball, jumping off his dock, made yummy food, just hang out. Florida's fun. Here's more pics:

this is duke's backyard
He is so handsome!!


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