I've had a goal as far back as I can remember to visit all 50 states.  I saw this little map thing (i also have a map obsession) and thought it was cool to see my progress!! PS. I've TECHNICALLY been to minnesota and georgia, but it was only in the airport, so it doesn't really count. Anyways I have 9 more to go! woot!



Right now I'm reading In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. I LOVE it. So fascinating. I probably love it because i'm in total agreement with all his points. But whatever. I think Michael Pollan is a genius and i think everyone should read it.

Other than that its just stress city for me!! I don't even know how I found the time to write this post. Goodnight!


Engagement Photos

Duke and I got our engagement pictures taken a couple weeks ago and I have a few to post!! I only got a few, bc she takes 6 weeks to edit them all. So I'll post more later. But for now, here are a few of the ones I liked! oh and our photographer was Catherine from http://woodlandfieldsphotography.com/. Also it was extremely humid and i was sweating my face off just so you know.



Last weekend I was in florida with mr. loverboy!! it was a lovely little weekend if I do say so myself! This above picture is on our way home from the airport in mobile--2 hour drive, no AC, and 90+ degree weather. So we bought an ice bag for the way home. It was pretty funny. You gotta do what you gotta do!!! 
pretty flowers duke brought me at the airport
The next day we went sailing!!! Well duke took a refresher sailing class, then i met up with him to go sailing afterwards. It was SOOO FUN!!!!! we are gonna get pretty serious about sailing. So be ready.

In case you've never been to Pensacola--the beaches are BEAUTIFUL!!! the town...is GHETTO. Some parts are nicer than others, but the main city is scary. In that context, we saw this car below:

this pizza was AMAZING!!!

 Other fun things we did were: Get our engagement pictures taken, did some gift registries, sat out on the dock in his backyard, motorcycle rides to the beach, beach volleyball, jumping off his dock, made yummy food, just hang out. Florida's fun. Here's more pics:

this is duke's backyard
He is so handsome!!



life is crazzzzzzzzzzzy

I feel like the busiest person in the world right now. My days consist of going to work, planning a wedding, desperately trying to squeeze in a workout or seeing friends, and sleeping. The last couple weeks have been a good whirlwind though. I was able to go to Utah for a whole week! I worked on wedding stuff the whole time of course. Went to my friend Rachel's wedding, which was beautiful! And got to spend time with Brittany, Jules, Tyler and my other lovely friends in Utah. It was great. Here is a summary in pictures:

sticker says "ain't skeered"... however, i was.

It was fun and productive!!! yay!


wedding update

We do have a date! August 27 we will be getting married in this pretty building:

Then a reception in my uncles backyard in cedar hills to follow!

This week I'm actually in Utah, visiting my sister, working on wedding plans and going to a friends wedding on Saturday! And although it was 49 degrees and raining yesterday (this is not an exaggeration) I'm happy to be here! I'm crossing my fingers for 70 degrees today. I got my wedding dress yesterday! Altered and ready to go! Happy about that, feels like I'm finally making some progress. Since I've been here I've also eaten at Red Iguana (yummy), yogurtland, took my ring to be resized (weird not wearing it), went shopping with my sister (and left with nothing), and visited my grandpas grave (memorial day).
I'm also very excited to be off work this week! Even though I woke up at 730 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep (my body is trained well). And I'm still the only one up...funny how things change!

Now I've just got to plan everything else for the wedding and I'll be good! 87 days!