wedding update

We do have a date! August 27 we will be getting married in this pretty building:

Then a reception in my uncles backyard in cedar hills to follow!

This week I'm actually in Utah, visiting my sister, working on wedding plans and going to a friends wedding on Saturday! And although it was 49 degrees and raining yesterday (this is not an exaggeration) I'm happy to be here! I'm crossing my fingers for 70 degrees today. I got my wedding dress yesterday! Altered and ready to go! Happy about that, feels like I'm finally making some progress. Since I've been here I've also eaten at Red Iguana (yummy), yogurtland, took my ring to be resized (weird not wearing it), went shopping with my sister (and left with nothing), and visited my grandpas grave (memorial day).
I'm also very excited to be off work this week! Even though I woke up at 730 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep (my body is trained well). And I'm still the only one up...funny how things change!

Now I've just got to plan everything else for the wedding and I'll be good! 87 days!


  1. Congrats Mickelle!! Such an exciting time. You will make such a gorgeous bride. Hope you are having fun with all the wedding plans!!

  2. Got your message but things are a little crazy right now... we'll chat later but I am SOOO EXCITED for you! Happy you enjoyed Red Iguana.... sooo goood!