the beauty dept

The last couple weeks I had been going through one of those phases that I think many girls go through from time to time. A phase where, everytime you look in the mirror you think, "ew, why do I look like a dead person?" or "why is my face breaking out like a 13 year old boy?" or "why does my hair look worse than limp spaghetti noodles?" or just a general "ew" feeling when looking in the mirror. It happens from time to time. And although other people probably think you look the exact same, it really only ever matter what YOU feel like, and personally I like to feel good about myself.  After consulting with my sister and we decided at times like these the remedy is finding a new hair style, new makeup look, buy some new nail polish or accessory, just SOMETHING to make you feel better. Anyways on that note, I'm totally loving this new blog that Lauren Conrad is behind: thebeautydepartment.com. It has tons of good hair and makeup tutorials and tips and basically just all things beauty. And it has some great design behind it too! I recommend checking it out >>


  1. OR...just stop looking in the mirror.

  2. still haven't checked this out - but I hope things are "ok" again. quit looking like death

  3. this just changed my life. love it!

    and i have those days all the time. bleh.