Well it's no secret there's a ring on my finger these days, but it is only right to blog about one of the biggest/happiest days in a girls life! I'm engaged to the love of my life! It's a very surreal feeling. And it feels so right. I couldn't be happier about our decision. Don't worry, I won't bore you with all the details here, but if you would like to read the full story, you can find it HERE!* Yep, I made a wedding website. I've had a severe lack of sleep the last couple days, but at least I've got my priorities straight!!
****DISCLAIMER--the site says our wedding date is Sept 10, but that is a random date it had me put in. We still have no idea. 

I was lucky enough to visit Duke in San Diego last weekend. We had a ton of fun. We ate waaaayyyyy to much. (my pants seriously don't fit the same since i've been back) We had some good laughs and made some good memories!!

Got in late Thursday night, so didn't do anything till Friday. But Duke brought me some pretty yellow roses to the airport!

Friday morning we went to an awesome restaurant called Hash House a go go.

It was seriously amazing!! I thought of my friend Loral and her husband---you guys would love this place. The portions were outrageous and the food was delicious! I got a blueberry/pecan pancke and it was HUGE.

Duke got some kind of hash thing with a biscuit and mashed potatoes.

It was a chillier day and kinda rainy. We went to mission beach and walked around and got ice cream and read the oatmeal comic book.

Then went to the mall to hit up h&m. I love that store. I wish they believed in expanding their stores or online shopping. come on!
Saturday we ate breakfast at a little french bakery/cafe thingy.

It was yummy, then we drove out to Ramona to hike up to cedar creek falls, which was realllllllly pretty. beautiful area. That is where Duke asked to me marry him! Once again the rest of that story can be found here.

Engaged!!! woot woot!


Sunset Cliffs


Bleu Boheme
Such a great weekend.


  1. Hash House looks da bomb! Right up our alley. That is a beautiful waterfall and hike! What an unforgettable weekend! Can't wait to see you in June and whenever your wedding day will be!

  2. That is sooo cool! I can't wait to hear more! Congrats you guys!

  3. Yay! Glad i finally got a detailed version of the story! and ps...love your nail color! perfect with your gorgeous ring! miss ya!

  4. I think we should put my hand-with-a-new-ring-on-it-in-the-car shot next to yours and it would be freaaaky similar - even the nail polish.

    Yaaay again for engagements!

  5. Congratulations! I am so excited for you.