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The silver lining of a long distance relationship comes when you get to visit each other in fun places. Last weekend I went and visited my boyfriend in San Deigo and it was very fun. Good way to celebrate my last few days of freedom before becoming a slave to the man again. It was a super short trip, but we had a couple days to do some fun things. For any food lovers out there, let me just tell you, if you are looking for the best mexican food you've ever had in your life, go to Luche Libre taco shop in san diego.

Luche Libre

 It was soooo gooooooddd. so good. Also We went to the cuuuutest little french restaurant- Cafe Chole, which was also absolutely divine and precious.

We also decided that you can judge a restaurant by it's bathroom (that is nicer restaurants--prob not your dirty, yet delicious mexican restaurants). If the bathroom is impressive, generally speaking, its going to be a good restaurant. We appreciate weird things. And we really love food. Every restaurant we go to, we either hear about on tv, or spend a good amount of time researching on urban spoon and cross checking reviews on google, yelp, seriouseats, chow hound, you name it. We don't mess around with our food. We appreciate good food and will do what it takes to get it!!

Moving on... we went to the lovely san diego zoo! It was really cool and lots of fun. You should go sometime. Animals are pretty cool. Plus I've been reading Life of Pi (highly recommend it!) and he lives in a zoo, so it was a little more interesting than usual for me.
i don't really want to talk about my pose in this pic.
i love giraffes eyelashes!
fun fact: elephants gestation period is 22 months. yikes.
i took like 60 pics of the polar bears..i just couldn't stop!

fun fact: hippos have no sweat glands
Other fun things we did include: going to La Jolla beach and I got to do a legit flight simulator and "flew" over San Diego, and did a couple 360's and only crashed like 4 times! 

la jolla shores

he's gonna kill me for putting this pic on here--but hes the one who took it. mwahaha
 I love san diego. Its a beautiful city, very clean, warm, lots of cool stuff. I love visiting it!


  1. i love mexican food, i love san diego, i am totally going there next time

  2. Jealous!!! Especially since you got to try Luche Libre, Matt and I just saw that restaurant on TV. I love San Diego!!!!

  3. Looks like you had a blast! Not going to lie...San Diego looks like it's a lot more fun than cold Philadelphia!

  4. ap-i love san diego too!
    loral--you HAVE to go there sometime!
    kaisha-true true, but phili will be warming up soon!