my hair & happy things

My hair is a love/hate relationship. I love my hair. I would be ugly without it. However, it takes a lot of time to have hair. You have to wash it, and then blow dry it, and then brush it and then figure out what to do with it. And then the next thing you know, you have to do it all over again. I realize most people probably wash their hair everyday and its no big, but that just doesn't work out for me. I typically wash my hair 3 times a week...Last week, it was 2 times. Saturday was a scary day. Sounds gross, huh? I just hate washing my hair. If I wash it, I have to blow dry it and that means damage to my already fragile hair. I even revolve what days I run around what days I will wash my hair. Anyways, I'm sure thats more than anyone cares to know, but the point is, I'm not gonna let my hair decide what I do anymore! I will wash it when it needs washed and whatever happens, happens. 

Guess what? The walmart home office has a little pharmacy inside of it for the associates, isn't that kinda cool?? hah, I just found that out today. I love Walmart. They really do make the world a better place. Anyways, remember my post about fast walkers yesterday? Well today I was walking with this guy I work with to the pharmacy and on the way back he said, "I'm glad you're a power-walker like me" and I started laughing, and told him my feelings about walkers as well. Especially when it's cold outside...helloooo, lets move it! Anyways. 

I also got my very own AAA card today!! yay!! My mom has had one for years, but for some reason I got one this year too. I feel safer. 

Also, I love Sam's club/Costco. We don't have a Costco in Arkansas for obvious reasons, but I feel like they are essentially the same thing. It is factually true that the food is better at Sam's club than at walmart. If you don't believe me, buy a carton of strawberries and/or blueberries at Walmart and then buy some at Sams club and well, then you will believe too. And its just fun to buy stuff in big quantities for some reason...I don't know what it is. AND! I went today and they have a self-checkout now! and its cool, bc you get to use the laser gun scanner thing. Anyways, it made me happy. 

Now that I have officially rambled for the length of this post, I am finished.


Quarterly Braindump

I have to get something off my chest. a random pet peeve of mine I just have to vent about to feel better.
here we go:

I find myself annoyed/feeling weird when i'm reading a blog post and the post is finished, but then the blogger adds in some questions at the bottom that relates to the post. For example: Lets say the post was about how the person loves post-it notes, at the end she writes: "what about you? do you love post-it notes? what are your favorite kind?" ahhhhhh it drives me crazy!!!!! i don't know why. It just looks like they are fishing (i almost spelt that phishing) for comments. It makes the person look robotic and not like a real person. It just irks me. I love blog stalking, its one of my favorite hobbies. but oh the questions...why?! (disclaimer-i still continue to read the blogs with the questions bc i like them. also this does not apply to a post that in and of itself is a question to the general public) it felt good to put that out there.

I have 2 other things to say:
1. I've never appreciated friday as much as I have the last 2 fridays. working is so tiring. Even though I pretty much sit all day, Everyday I come home and crawl into my bed.

2. I like people who walk fast. Not that I don't like people who walk slow. I guess what i'm trying to say is that I have an appreciation for fast walkers, I have an instant kinship with them. I am a fast walker. I think I always have been and I really can't help it. It takes a lot of effort for me to walk slow. Like you know when you're walking somewhere and then you see someone ahead of you that you know, but don't really feel like chatting it up with, so you just slow down so you never catch up? Well when these kinds of things happen, it is so hard to walk slow! I just don't know how to do it I guess.
I also know that sometimes I walk so fast that I scare people. It always cracks me up. I'll come around a corner or something and people will kind of jump or scramble to move out of the way. Maybe that means I need to slow down. But i can't!

On a side note, I changed which parking lot I park in at work and since then I've realized it takes me longer to walk from my car to my desk than it does for me to drive from my house to work. Only by about a minute or so, but still...it seems so wrong.


sandy ego

The silver lining of a long distance relationship comes when you get to visit each other in fun places. Last weekend I went and visited my boyfriend in San Deigo and it was very fun. Good way to celebrate my last few days of freedom before becoming a slave to the man again. It was a super short trip, but we had a couple days to do some fun things. For any food lovers out there, let me just tell you, if you are looking for the best mexican food you've ever had in your life, go to Luche Libre taco shop in san diego.

Luche Libre

 It was soooo gooooooddd. so good. Also We went to the cuuuutest little french restaurant- Cafe Chole, which was also absolutely divine and precious.

We also decided that you can judge a restaurant by it's bathroom (that is nicer restaurants--prob not your dirty, yet delicious mexican restaurants). If the bathroom is impressive, generally speaking, its going to be a good restaurant. We appreciate weird things. And we really love food. Every restaurant we go to, we either hear about on tv, or spend a good amount of time researching on urban spoon and cross checking reviews on google, yelp, seriouseats, chow hound, you name it. We don't mess around with our food. We appreciate good food and will do what it takes to get it!!

Moving on... we went to the lovely san diego zoo! It was really cool and lots of fun. You should go sometime. Animals are pretty cool. Plus I've been reading Life of Pi (highly recommend it!) and he lives in a zoo, so it was a little more interesting than usual for me.
i don't really want to talk about my pose in this pic.
i love giraffes eyelashes!
fun fact: elephants gestation period is 22 months. yikes.
i took like 60 pics of the polar bears..i just couldn't stop!

fun fact: hippos have no sweat glands
Other fun things we did include: going to La Jolla beach and I got to do a legit flight simulator and "flew" over San Diego, and did a couple 360's and only crashed like 4 times! 

la jolla shores

he's gonna kill me for putting this pic on here--but hes the one who took it. mwahaha
 I love san diego. Its a beautiful city, very clean, warm, lots of cool stuff. I love visiting it!


My Best Friends Wedding!

Sooo as I mentioned my sister, Brittany, got married on Feb 5 in salt lake. It was sooo much fun!! and it really turned out so beautiful. The whole day seems like a such a blur. There were sooo many people I hadn't seen in a long time and so many people to talk to and catch up with. It was so fun to see all the people who came out though. That's one of the reasons weddings are so fun I think, you get to see so many people who you haven't seen in a while.
Also, i was thisclose to catching the bouquet. In fact in flew directly into my hand, as you will see in one of the pictures below, and then just bounced right back out. It was so tragic. And then a cute little girl just picked it up. (she was closer to the ground) I suppose it made her day, so I'm ok with it. I just felt it was my duty to catch the bouquet at my sisters wedding..but i failed.
All these pics are from the photographers blog: alixannlooslephotography.blogspot.com. She did an awesome job i thought.

do you see that desperate attempt of mine?? so pathetic...

Best Day Ever

Today is the best day ever. And I will tell you why:

1. Slept in till about 10:30
2. Got a JOB!!! Walmart-private brands analyst (kinda scared about actually DOING the job)
3. Job turned out to be DOUBLE the pay i thought it was. Yes, literally double.
4. The weather is 70 degrees and sunny
5. I went for a run
6. In 3 hours I'm hopping a plane to San Diego to spend the weekend with my boyfriend.

Seriously, could this day get any better? Some days you're the hydrant, some days you're the dog. Today makes up for all those sucky days.

It feels so good to have a job.